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Contemporary Women's Fiction and Thriller


With her mother dying and her marriage falling apart, Euly Winger returns to her birth place in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent’s divorce. Something that has haunted their family since Euly was a young adult.

But when Euly meets up with an old acquaintance, her time back home turns nightmarish when he reveals startling secrets about her parents.

A suspenseful and inspirational read, THE LAST MAHARAJAN is a story of love–in all of its forms, loss–in all of its sadness, and forgiveness–in all of its redemption.

Available in paperback, eBook and audio book

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"Labeling Susan Wingate as Chick Lit is akin to accusing Steven King of freelancing for Harlequin! A gritty little book, with outstanding characters and a plot that is so strange, I could actually see it happening in real life... written with panache... a great read and Wingate has done a fabulous job of both plot and character development... a book that has wide appeal... score 5 stars. I loved the plot, loved the characters, and ...can find no fault... and the story flows." ―Simon Barrett

"The narrator’s voice is very genuine and compelling. Strong women are always appealing, and these are two very strong women. Wingate develops [the story] with a lovely, light touch... Wingate handles the narrative with such ease. [The reader is] drawn to her honesty. Brava, Susan.” ―Phyllis Schieber is the author of “Willing Spirits” and “The Sinner’s Guide to Confession

“Susan Wingate shows an understanding of human nature well beyond what is normally seen in a novel. She has a mastery of dialogue that I find refreshing–I felt as though I was right there, listening. It isn’t often I find dialogue so true-to-life. Between her mastery of dialogue and understanding of human nature, Susan Wingate held me captive... you will find yourself saying “Just one more chapter” over and over again. It is one of those rare books you won’t want to put down. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Wingate’s work.” ― Joyce Anthony (author of “Storm” and blog mistress of Books & Authors blog)

"A breathtaking story that will fill you with joy and laughter... a great read for any book lover.” ― A Review by Coffee Times Romance gives “Bobby’s Diner” a 4-cup review – An Outstanding Great Read!

By Susan Wingate
Roberts Press: April 16, 2016
$9.99/216 pages

ISBN-13 : 978-0989807838

ISBN-10 : 0989807835

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