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WINNER OF EIGHT BOOK AWARDS including the 2020 CIBA Somerset Literary Book Award, the 2020 Pacific Book Award, the 2020 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, and four more!


For readers who enjoy books like Where the Crawdads Sing and My Sister's Keeper

MACKENZIE FRASER witnesses a drunk driver mow down her seven-year-old sister and her mother blames her. Then she ends up in juvie on a trumped-up drug charge. Now she’s in the fight of her life…on the inside! And she’s losing.


HOW THE DEER MOON HUNGERS is a coming of age story about loss, grief, and the power of love.


“A girl comes into her own following a tragedy in Susan Wingate’s poignant novel.” ―Aimee Jodoin, Foreword Clarion Reviews


“Mac and Tessa are part of my life now.” ―Billie Hobbs, Independent Editor


“I found HOW THE DEER MOON HUNGERS amazing!” ―Kathryn Lane, Award-winning author of the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series


“I was terrorized. Then, I cried.” ―Elizabeth Ajamie Boyer, author of Memories of War


"A coming of age story that is both intriguing and captivating." -Carol Feyen,


“HOW THE DEER MOON HUNGERS by Susan Wingate is well worth reading…I would strongly recommend this book to people in their late teens and upward.” ―Jo Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review


"From the ashes rises the phoenix. As a family descends into an abyss of pain, so Mackenzie fights to discover her own way out of the overwhelming circumstances of her sibling's death. Susan Wingate is gifted at capturing these shifting nuances as events continue to pull characters apart and put them back together like puzzles, albeit in a different way. HOW THE DEER MOON HUNGERS carries the reader through this process, creating a powerful and memorable saga that is hard to put down and lingers in the mind long after the story is over." -Diane Donovan, Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review


"A sister story that will last the ages."

How the Deer Moon Hungers

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