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The Sand Girl Learns Catharsis through Showering

The Greeks have all the best words. Catharsis being one of them.

"Catharsis is from the Ancient Greek word κάθαρσις, katharsis, meaning "purification" or "cleansing." It is most commonly used today to refer to the purification and purgation of thoughts and emotions by way of expressing them. The desired result is an emotional state of renewal and restoration." ~Wikipedia

Just reading that description makes me go, "Ahhhhhh..."

Below, from Psychology Today, are three key points from an online article called Blowing Off Steam: The Power of Catharsis:

  • Emotional release—catharsis—can help you regain momentum and vitality when you find yourself blocked.

  • Strong emotions are fine and natural, but over the long haul they're better out than in, and the way out is through.

  • Catharsis could involve art-making, physical exertion, journaling, or binge-watching movies that capture your emotions.

I remember as a young adult, fresh into an accounting career and with all the pressures of corporate America, crying in my car after leaving work. Daily. By the time I got home only ten minutes later, I felt ready to face whatever awaited that evening. That's the emotional kind of release they refer to in this article. Although strong emotions can release through crazy laughter, dancing; running, walking and jogging; pumping weights at the gym, as well.

But sometimes, catharsis can come by the simple act of showering someone who needs a bath.

I used to resent having to give my mom a shower. I tried fruitlessly to stay dry. I remember the first time I had to bathe her. I had no idea how to bathe another human being.

At first, I tried to get her to stand alone in the shower while I used the hand-held shower head.

"Hang onto the bar, Ma." Her grip, precarious, I just prayed she wouldn't fall.

Next version. I helped her over the side of the tub and sat her down! This sickly, seventy-eight-year-old with a bad hip replacement--inside the tub! My poor mother. I had no idea what I was doing. Coupled with her COPD didn't help matters either. Because with no oxygen, a person has no energy.

Quickly, I realized my ideas were not only futile but they were dangerous. So, online I went to search out, HOW TO BATHE A SICK ELDERLY PERSON , or some such. It's been eight, nine years ago since I cared for Mom.

I found what is called a transfer chair. I'd forgotten that until I just searched again today.

You can find the one below from Vitality Medical's website but if you just search "transfer chair for showering," you will get several options.

With Bob, we have a walk-in shower and a shower chair. So, we don't need a transfer chair.

From the learning processes, between Mom and Bob, showering has become more streamlined. Still, I resented giving him a shower same as with Mom. It's a touch-and-go moment (get it?) the first time you give another adult a shower. And I felt tentative with both of them. With Mom because, well, she was my mom. And Bob because, well, because, in my expert opinion on all things Bob, he was enjoying it too much! LOL. I'm serious! He was.


Plus, I hate getting wet--loathe it--unless I'm taking my own showers. I don't like swimming, running through the sprinkler, accidentally spraying myself in the face when I'm washing the dog. I grew up in Phoenix. I'm a sand girl. Don't take me to the lake unless you want to see me freak out because as sure as I am typing this today, I did too see the Jaws shark below the surface of Lake Pleasant.

Don't great whites like fresh water too? You shoulda seen that scene! I absolutely lost my marble.

You get the picture, right? I don't like to get wet unless I say to myself, "Time to take a shower!" I actually have to work up the courage.

But when Bob started to need showering, since 2020--a year that will live in infamy--I resented showering him. Again, if I haven't yet drilled this point home, I hate getting wet unless I'm supposed to.

Which means, I've decided to get wet. It's my choice. Not someone else's choice.

And since it happens more regularly, like three times a week, I've actually started to enjoy it.

Plus, again, Bob loves his showers but for other reasons, methinks.

I get soaked too. I mean, talk about a before and after shot? We now both actually look forward to shower time now! Well, he always did. And I still prefer getting wet on my own terms but when 50% of us are having a hell of a good time and the other 50% are being total wankers, you just have to change your attitude about things. Don't you? Lest you become a wanker for the rest of your life, right? Die a wanker? Who wants that on their gravestone.




1958 to Sometime after today, or later today.

So, wankers be damned. I'm getting wet these past several years and loving the heck out of it.

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 [g]gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. ~Galatians 5

And showering Bob. One of my catharses.

God bless you all.

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Jo szcz
Jo szcz
Apr 09

Enjoying it huh? <GRIN> 😏

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