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Finding a Slice of Joy

As a caregiver, it's easy to feel overworked, exhausted, and depressed. I struggle with these things daily. Some days it feels like I need a crowbar to get up off the couch and get chores done around the house or to do one more thing for Bob. I know how that sounds. It sounds awful but it's true. Some days I just want to sit or sleep all day long. But as a 24/7 caregiver--something I've chosen to do--I have chosen this lifestyle and, therefore, need to come up with activities or things that bring me out of my funk.

So, below, I've decided to list things that bring me joy complete with some pics and video.

  • Feeding my deer. Yes. Mine.

  • Shutting sound off on the female gynecologist who developed Lume. I can't tell you how much joy I feel shutting her up. Sorry. Not sorry. No pics for this. I think we see it enough.

  • Blind Santa. One of my dearest friends gave me him for Christmas and two beautiful nightlights made by Darlene Nixon, one of our amazing local artists.

  • Joey and his delectable tiny little cute and precious body.

  • Gully in a recyclable grocery bag. And, no, I did not stage this. Gully is an avid recycler.

  • Our guest cat, Cricket

  • These wackadoodle thingamabobs. I just love these things. I wish I could move like that.

I think it's important to make lists of things, people, events and such, that bring happiness into our lives. And, as a Christian, Jesus brings the great joy into my life. What in your faith brings you joy? I would love to know.

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 [g]gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. ~Gal. 5:22

There's other stuff that brings joy into my life too. Like Bob. He gives me great joy. I just get tired from all the work sometimes. Which brings me to another topic: Finding Help When You Become Overwhelmed.

I'm thrilled to say that one of our island caregivers, Deanna Osborne will be watching Bob six hours a week so that I can commit a little more time to running the store. I'm extremely excited about this new development. Not only do I want to be a better person, wife, writer but I also want to be a better store owner and manager. Deanna is giving me another great gift which will bring Bob joy too because she's so dang cute, upbeat and funny.

If you're trying to find help but get stuck in the search, reach out to your local hospice. They usually have a list of people who can help with your loved one. There are also online "care" services you can research as well.

Until Wednesday, when I'll be writing about fungus (oh, good times), thank you for reading my posts and...

God bless you all.

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Jo szcz
Jo szcz
Mar 18

What brings me joy? My family (like you) and friends who encourage me and pray for me ... and yes, of course my faith in YAH/YAHshua always brings peace, comfort and joy. I love you, Cuz, and I'm praying for you and Bob. SHALOM 😍


I have to admit that I turn off that Lume commercial every time it comes on the t.v. Thank you for making me smile today. Praying for you and Bob.

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