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Feeling the Love

I started writing again about dementia because a few people had mentioned they liked my previous posts when Mom had Alzheimer's. I mentioned this fact in my February 5th restart post on the subject entitled, "How Time Flies When Your Husband Has Dementia." A series relating to my husband, Bob's dementia.

Okay. A bit on writing: it is common knowledge people become more involved in stories dripping with anguish, pain and suffering rather than of successes. Of course, the anguish, pain and suffering must balance out and end on a happy note.

As novelists, we learn to fill our stories with conflict, tension, and suspense. Make our characters flawed but heroic at some level. And, again, readers like demand a happy ending not-happy endings. How do we know this? We know this from sales. Pure and simple.

Why, you might be asking, is she writing about writing on a blog series intended for dementia?

Well, because, after several posts, a dear literary agent friend of mine, Andrea Hurst, sent me a note last week. She said, "Watch for something cozy for the caregiver on Tuesday."

Andrea is also an amazing mystery author who writes sweet and cozy mysteries. So, I was riveted by her suspenseful note and half expected one of her luscious stories to arrive in a box. But, surprise, surprise, surprise! Look what she sent me! A cozy, snuggly, warm blanket. And in the box a message reading:

Care for the care taker.
All my love, Andrea

Andrea, we have a guest cat named Cricket staying with us and who also appreciates your beautiful gift. In fact, he slept on it last night, Tuesday night. Just as you prophesied the gift would arrive. How is it you can control the US Mail so deftly?

But seriously, what a thoughtful and heartwarming gesture. I'm so touched by your kindness and filled with love and comfort.

And, after Cricket leaves, after he relinquishes my snuggle blanky back to me, I promise to share it with Bob but only for a little while before absconding it with me to my place on the bed.

Thank you dear friend. You are a true mensch and I love you.

And love to all of you who are reading this post. God bless you!

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