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Hard-Boiled Noir Mystery, The Harvey Flemings Mystery Series, Book 1

OF THE LAW tells the story of lawman, Harvey Flemings. Harvey’s close to retirement and too close for comfort to the murder of Leona Malouf. He’s happy she’s dead. In fact, evidence might even point to him as Leona’s killer. Will he give his all to find the murderer or will he let the guy slide? Sitting on a fence between the law and crime,

Harvey must come to terms with the latest problem in the small island town of Thirsty Cove.

OF THE LAW is a look inside the human condition, and the not-so-bright side of our psyches.

Available in paperback and eBook. The audio book is scheduled for publication in 2020​

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Praise for Of the Law


“Just amazing detail and sense of personality... perfect for [the] island where old-world values prevail. I think this is writing of the finest quality, advancing story and psychological sense of character." --Michael Collins (author of Keepers of Truth and Lost Souls) --personal review

”...Susan Wingate is probably the new Queen of the murder mystery. Her literary skills are masterful and her command of the human psyche is remarkable. Certainly I will be looking forward to more material out of this author in the future.” -Cameron Cowan --Blogger News Network

Of THE LAW would make a great film... --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

By Susan Wingate
Sixteen Cat Tails Publishing; 1st Edition: May 3, 2007
$3.50/308 pages
ISBN-10 : 1427618011

ISBN-13 : 978-1427618016

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