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Susan's Collection of

Short Poems


CATITUDES & PLATITUDES is a compilation of some of Susan Wingate’s favorite poems, including “The Dance of Wind in Trees” which was selected for publication by the Virginia Quarterly Online in 2013.


Many of Susan’s poems deal with cats, nature and spousal relationships. Her highly emotional subject matter shows the depth of the author’s range of writing.

Available in paperback and eBook


This collection of Susan Wingate's short poems discusses matters of the heart, the human condition and topics of nature such as in her poem that was first published in 2013 by the Virginia Quarterly Review Online, "The Dance of Wind in Trees." Touching and poignant, Susan Wingate's poetry will elicit imagery in the reader so provoking they will not forget her precisely selected words long after their reading.

By Susan Wingate
Roberts Press: April 25, 2016
$5.99/76 pages
ISBN-10 : 0989807851

ISBN-13 : 978-0989807852

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