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Isn't technology amazing? In today’s world, we can get together anytime and any place. 

If you're in a book club and you're all reading one of my books, I'd love to drop in and talk with you!  We can have a video chat over Skype and or we can talk on the telephone, if you prefer!  


Simply, use the form to contact me for a free Skype chat with your book club, bookstore, or library group.

Below you can find a sampling of book club questions for three of my novels. 

And...Have Fun! 

If you’re interested in reading one of my books at your book club, simply fill out the form below. I can’t wait to meet you!

Please state if this will be an online chat

or an in-person chat and where your

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Book Club Discussion Guides

Bobbys Diner - Cover - large.jpg

  Bobby's Diner (Book 1)

​1. If you’ve ever been divorced, do you think you could work with your husband’s (or wife’s) ex?

2. Do you have step-children, and if so, do you have a good relation with them or would you call it rocky?

3. Have you ever lived in a small town that had a vibrant and expeditious rumor mill?


4. Have you or has anyone you are close with ever suffered through breast cancer? Did they survive?

How the Deer Moon Hungers

1. Do you relate more with Mac’s dilemma or with Uma’s and if one more than the other, how might these characters’ dilemmas intersect?

2. Families who suffer the deaths of children seem to either survive their losses or they fragment further, breaking up, sometimes ending in divorce and further death as a result. How strong do you feel are your family ties? Could you suffer the loss of one of your children or siblings?

3. Each character grieves in their own way. After reading the story, were each characters true to their grief? 

book 2.jpg

Storm Season

1. Do you think Meg Storm’s grief about losing her daughter Lily is justified? If so, why?

2. Why do you think Lily began blogging about her addiction to heroine?

3. Do you feel that Jay doesn’t understand Meg’s pain about losing a child? And, if so, what choices would you have made in the same situation if it happened in your life?

4. Do you feel the metaphorical deer scenes in the prologue and epilogue parallel Meg’s loss and the core problem of the story?

5. Do you think the M&A Hack quote, “You will never know exactly what another person is going through or what their whole story is. When you believe you do, realize that your assumptions about their life are in direct relation to your limited perspective,” is a true statement? And, if so, why?

For book clubs who want to video chat online or in-person, we do swag and book giveaways for clubs and their members.

For up-to-the-minute updates, please follow Susan on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, or Pinterest to stay in the loop.

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