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12 Ways to Make Your Fiction Characters More Interesting

Whether writing novels, short stories, and even memoirs. It's a character that makes readers want to come back for more, to feel like they know the people in our books as if they were real people.

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Fiction characters are the lifeblood of any good novel. If your readers can't relate to or empathize with your characters, they won't stick around for long. Fiction characters need to be three-dimensional and interesting. They should be someone that the reader can connect with and feel like they know, someone readers can root for.

By following tried and true writing techniques, you too can create characters that are realistic and engaging!

So how do we make our fiction characters more interesting? Here are a few tips:

1. Give your characters quirks and unique personality traits to make them stand out from the crowd

2. Make sure your characters have different motivations for their actions, rather than being purely good or bad

3. Let your characters interact with each other in interesting ways, and create conflict whenever possible

4. Have your characters undergo change over the course of the story, so that they grow and learn from their experiences

5. Help readers connect with your characters on an emotional level, so that they feel invested in what happens to them

6. Use dialogue to reveal your characters' inner thoughts and feelings

7. Give your characters quirks and unique habits that make them stand out from the rest

8. Let your characters make bad decisions - it'll make them more human and relatable

9. Have your characters change over time - let their experiences shape who they are

10. Make sure your characters have different motivations, so readers can't guess what they'll do next

11. Create a backstory for each of your characters, even if it's not revealed until later in the story

12. Give each character their own distinct voice, so readers can tell them apart easily

By including most if not all of these ideas into your fiction, you will create great and enticing, palpable stories. And, why? Because of you write great characters.

Tony Sopranos of The Sopranos


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Terry Persun
27 may 2022

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