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( The Bobby's Diner Series Book 1 )


 A riveting tale of suspense and redemption.


Fifteen years ago, Georgette Carlisle sauntered into Sunnydale and fell in love with Bobby. Not only was he the owner of a diner named after himself, but Bobby was also married. Now, Bobby has died and left his restaurant to both women.


But that's not the only problem. The property is situated on an attractive highway corridor, and Zach Pinzer with Chariot International has the diner in his crosshairs. Pinzer wants the property for his next great project and is willing to kill to get what he wants.


Will Georgette and Vanessa be able to work the diner together? Or will Pinzer steal the property out from under them? No matter what happens, both Georgette and Vanessa will need to amp up their courage to keep from losing Bobby's legacy.

Praise for Bobby's Diner


Wingate's BOBBY'S DINER tells a tale of life, love, death, grief, pain, loneliness, and redemption. "Bobby's Diner is one of those rare books you won’t want to put down. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Wingate’s work.” - Joyce Anthony


“A breathtaking story that will fill you with joy and laughter, Bobby’s Diner is a great read for any book lover.” - Coffee Times Romance gives “Bobby’s Diner” a 4-cup review – An Outstanding Great Read!


"...written in a masterful fashion." - Simon Barrett


"I kept picturing [Bobby's Diner]as a film while I read it. Very scenic imagery and situations." - Anthony Flacco


By Susan Wingate
The Wild Rose Press: March 31, 2021
$14.99/206 pages
ISBN 978-1-5092-3515-5 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-5092-3516-2 Digital

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