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For readers who enjoyed Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

Meg Storm has stepped in it. After becoming entangled within an industry as nefarious as it is criminal, she gets swept into the lurid world of drugs. After her daughter, Lily, dies from an apparent heroin overdose, and then her husband, Meg has nothing left to lose. She becomes a woman on the hunt. But will she be the hunter? Or, the hunted? Through it all, Meg realizes nothing is ever as it seems.

STORM SEASON shows one woman’s grit needed to deliver thunder on the island, enough to rain down justice on a dangerous few who intend to destroy other people’s lives.

If you enjoy reading books by Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, and Stieg Larsson, you'll enjoy STORM SEASON by Susan Wingate.


"I'm still reeling after finishing Susan Wingate's latest, STORM SEASON.  Brilliantly written, here is atale that grips you by the throat from the opening prologue to the gut-punch ofan ending.  Both tender and brutal,intelligent and visceral, each page carries a reader further down a harrowingpath to a conclusion both inevitable yet also shocking. This novel will leavean indelible mark on your soul.  Don'tmiss it." --James Rollins, New York Timesbestseller of The Demon Crown
"In STORM SEASON, bestselling author Susan Wingate delivers aspellbinding page-turner. Harrowing and heartbreaking, this is the story of agrief-stricken mother's tenacity in her efforts to bring to justice themonsters responsible for her daughter's drug overdose. Meg Storm is a heroineyou can really root for. Once you pick up this riveting thriller, you won'twant to put it down." --Kevin O'Brien, NewYork Times Bestselling Author
"Meg Storm is intimate with grief, and with guilt. And if Storm is, so must Susan Wingate be, author of this heartbreaking thriller. Bothemotions are palpable in STORM SEASON, from the first to the final page.With a fine eye for detail, and an exquisitely tuned empathy for hercharacter's agony, Wingate leads the reader from worst to worse as Storm allowsno stone to go unturned in her pursuit of the carrion eaters responsible forher daughter's death. A visceral, personal, unflinching look at the insidiousplague decimating this country, The Death of Vultures will have youdouble-checking the locks every night and holding your loved ones a little bittighter. --Randall Silvis's writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the prestigious Drue Heinz Literature Prize, a Fulbright Senior Scholar Research Award,six fellowships for his fiction, drama, and screenwriting from the PennsylvaniaCouncil on the Arts, and an honorary Doctor of Letters degree awarded for distinguishedliterary achievement.
"The author writes with a shrewd, confident style; the characters'experiences are often perceptible to readers. For example, Meg endures anemotional reaction as physical anguish: "This new pain was like a shot to thechest, radiating down and dark, through the soles of her feet." Violence isstark but fleeting, as the profound tale is more about loss than revenge. A bleak but undeniably affecting family tale." --Kirkus Reviews, August 2, 2018
"Susan Wingate is guilty. She caused me to lose a full night's sleep.That's how engrossing her newest novel, STORM SEASON, is. Like anonion, the layers keep peeling away revealing new twists and turns that keepyou glued to the page. Her writing is impeccable and the world she creates,while at times as tragic as a car wreck, is both haunting and impossible toignore." --New York Times and USA Today Thriller Award winning author,Vincent Zandri.

Storm Season

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