(A Friday Harbor Novel)

Gag Me - 3D Render - Book Cover.png

 A purring tale cozy mystery complete with a cat.


For people who enjoyed reading The Thursday Murder Club and A Good Day for Chardonnay.

So, you have Asperger’s Syndrome. You hate the name of this syndrome.


You also stopped using drugs six months ago and now your best friend, Winsey, is dead.


And your cat, Lester keeps pooping on the floor—it’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


And eff no, you don’t use the F-word, even when you find out Winsey was killed. You suspect the gargoyle who was sniffing around at the bar the night before, the last time you saw her alive.

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It’s different, it’s a little whacky, and it’s absolutely perfect. –Nikki B., Reviewer

Lester, Lester, Lester. He must be feeling pretty smug to have had a major role in your story (although I imagine he is trying to forget the part about him pooping on the floor!😾). –Kim G., Beta Reader

Loved it! If you’re not careful you’re going to find yourself smack dab in the middle of writing an effing romance novel! 😂♥️ - Carol L., Beta Reader

Actually, it reminds me of the stuff I watch on TV. –Elizabeth B., Beta Reader



By Susan Wingate
Roberts Press: April 25, 2022
$6.99/312 pages
ASIN: B09Q6GC7ZW Digital