Inside My Latest Novel - the Main Character

Today, on Inside My Latest Novel, I will discuss the main character.

I've been writing this post-apocalyptic series entitled The Eschatos Chronicles. The protagonist is a young, kick-butt female whose journey takes her through hell in each of the books. I love this character. She's everything I want to be. She's strong, freakishly handsome in an albino-esque sort of way, she is a survivor with two dogs and one cat in tow. She's athletic--not because she wants to be but because she has to be in these end-times. And, right now, all she wants? One big fat, fresh beefsteak tomato. And where do you find something like that when, after all the destruction, hell has been unchained across the earth?


I finished the first book a while ago and have charted out the entire novel and have written one-quarter of the second book. It was around this point I stepped back and began looking at the series as a whole, specifically, what my main character's path would be. I had an "Aha!" moment at the beginning of the week while Bob and I sipped our morning coffee. He humors me by listening to me go on and on about these stories I write, about these make-believe characters. Anyway, it fell out of my brain, her path, that is. And I'm pleased to say I think it's the best path (and method) to end this planned seven-book series.In the first book, we see my main character face some unimaginable treachery. In the second book, she has to make a few tough decisions. The first one will end up being the easiest decision on the spectrum of difficulty--to either save herself or stay with someone who end up getting them all killed if they don't find a better hiding place. It just gets tougher for her from that point.


The books will be categorized within the young adult science fiction/fantasy genre with subgenres in post-apocalyptic thrillers, inspirational, and possibly horror. It's not a soft story. The theme is gritty and the mood is dark. I just cannot pretend the end-times will be anything less than harrowing and mean. So, I will not write something soft and sugar-coated. In my fiction, I can't fake what the story lends, what the character tells me to write. I'm not that writer girl.I decided to start "Inside My Latest Novel" to give you a peek into the process but also to flesh out some qualities of character and to allow stream of consciousness to inform the story. I hope you enjoy these snippets as I post them. I cannot promise they will be weekly. However, I can promise the posts will elucidate your understanding of the work that goes into writing a novel.

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