Thursday Writer Resource Day

THURSDAY WRITER RESOURCE DAYIt's been a while since I've posted anything for Thursday Writer Resource Day. But, as I work toward the launch of my latest novel, THE DEATH OF VULTURES, I am given to post a list of book promotional and marketing ideas that I've been employing. And, no, I'm not an expert in the field. There are many other groups, companies, and individuals who can help in this area of steps toward a successful book launch. Many writer resources for book promo and marketing can be found online, and for free. Many are pay-for services but it would behoove you to query the phrase "book marketing and promotion" to find a fistful of great resources.Thursday Writer Resource DayToday, for Thursday Writer Resource Day, I've listed a few book marketing sites below. Some I've used before and some I've just started to use. And this list is just a fraction of what's out there now. By the way, when you start buzzing your book, make sure you start well in advance, like 3 to 6 months.

  • BookBuzz is a service that is designed to market books and authors. Services through BookBuzz are fairly inexpensive. I purchased the $99 promo for reviews through NetGalley. I had 65 requests for the manuscript and two reviews within a month's time. What's nice about this service, is BookBuzz gives you a spreadsheet of those who've requested your MS as well as their email. The spreadsheet also tells you what kind of reviewer they are. Many were booksellers, librarians, bloggers, book reviewers, with a few consumer reviewers. BookBuzz offers quite a few book promotion options. I've only listed a few today.
  • is a press release site. The site is easy to use and free with the basic service. I purchased the $49 option which allows for press releases posted to thousands of wires. The site walks you through steps to help you post a professional-looking release. By clicking HERE you can see the press release for THE DEATH OF VULTURES.
  • Kirkus Reviews works in several capacities. In fact, they remind me of Poets & Writers but on steroids. Not only can you purchase a review package for your book, you can set up an author profile, enter contests, get professionally edited, and advertise all in one spot. The great thing about Kirkus is they are widely used by agents, publishers, booksellers, librarians, and consumers. It's like a one-stop shop. The only draw-back is they are a little spendy. But if you can afford their services, you won't be unhappy.
  • Facebook Ads promotes your product, event, page, or website via Facebook channels. And although I think the exposure is good, I haven't really seen any marked jump in sales by using FB ads.
  • Amazon Marketing offers ad campaigns for your latest novel and markets to its vast consumer list. I have heard good things about Amazon Marketing and opted in for an ad that will run for 2 months until just before the book release date. Disclaimer: the start date is June 22, 2018 (tomorrow) so I have no baseline to tell you how well this service works. I'll try to remember after the campaign has completed.
  • Social Media Promoting is, of course, the least expensive way to get the word out about your books but over the years, I've noticed fewer likes and click-thrus from Facebook and Twitter. I see more activity through my website analytics from than through friend/follower sites like FB and Twitter. Still, my fans seem to click on my new releases so will always (for the foreseeable future anyway) promote my books on these sites.
  • Newsletter mailings are the most direct way to market your books to your recipients and should always be employed at some level. If you have a newsletter, you should be using it at least once a month. My website managers have connected my blog to my newsletter to send out a newsletter each time I blog. And I post something on my blog no fewer than once a week now. Before, while Mom was sick, I posted only once a month. However, after seeing other authors or book-related bloggers posting more frequently, I changed my policy. MailChimp is my host email marketer. They are free to use with fewer than 2,000 recipients. After that the rate is about $20 per month.
  • Rave Reviews Book Club #RRBC is a specific site I found on Twitter that promotes its members. Membership is inexpensive. There are other such book groups on Twitter and Facebook that will promote their members' news and books. Using hashtags like #amwriting #thriller #novels will bring up a slew of groups, people, videos, and pages you might find useful for your marketing efforts. Some groups are free, some not. One thing I would suggest is this, make sure your group has a good following so that your news gets the most views possible.

There are also marketing agencies but marketing agencies are quite expensive and unless you're already selling quite a few other books already, the results may be slow. You never can tell how well your book will do in response to an agencies efforts. Marketing agencies excel in branding authors, which is a career issue not a blast-your-book-title issue for sales.So, for today's post of Thursday Writer Resource Days I hope helps you, if only a little but I hope a lot. Until next time, see you on the flip-flop.


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