Some Exciting News

Some Exciting News

Monday marked a great day for me when I received some exciting news. I was checking my email and in the subject line of one read:

Congratulations! You Won a Book Excellence Award!

Honestly, I didn't even remember entering books into any contests. After reading further, the revamped version, STORM SEASON (previously titled Death of Vultures) won the thriller category of the 2019 Book Excellence Award. That's the entire category! I'm so excited.It's a huge honor when hundreds of authors enter a contest and your book is chosen for the award. I couldn't be happier.Some Exciting NewsIf you're interested in picking up my latest award-winner, simply click on the photo. You can choose an eBook, paperback, or audio book. The audio book is narrated by voice artist Tamara Christians and still has the old title and book cover image. But it's the same story that won this year's Book Excellence Award. You can also check out other Amazon bestsellers and award-winners by going to my BOOKS PAGE.And! So as not to dampen today's news, there's more exciting news to report on the horizon. I'll send out another note next week on that.


"I'm still reeling after finishing Susan Wingate's latest, [STORM SEASON].  Brilliantly written, here is a tale that grips you by the throat from the opening prologue to the gut-punch of an ending.  Both tender and brutal, intelligent and visceral, each page carries a reader further down a harrowing path to a conclusion both inevitable yet also shocking. This novel will leave an indelible mark on your soul.  Don't miss it." --James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Demon Crown"In [STORM SEASON], bestselling author Susan Wingate delivers a spellbinding page-turner. Harrowing and heartbreaking, this is the story of a grief-stricken mother's tenacity in her efforts to bring to justice the monsters responsible for her daughter's drug overdose. Meg Storm is a heroine you can really root for. Once you pick up this riveting thriller, you won't want to put it down." --Kevin O'Brien, New York Times Bestselling Author"The author writes with a shrewd, confident style…Violence is stark but fleeting, as the profound tale is more about loss than revenge. A bleak but undeniably affecting family tale." --Kirkus Reviews, August 2, 2018"In the tradition of GONE GIRL, Susan Wingate's [STORM SEASON] is both layered and nuanced. Like a striptease. the story unwinds itself, building one fear above the other.  She has created a world both surreal and REAL, where regrets don't just swallow you whole... They KILL you." -JCarson Black, New York Times Bestseller, jcarsonblack.comSo those are fun. Anyway, onward and upward!

Tuesday Dialogue Days - Featuring Guest Sci-Fi Author Matt Hebert


Well, for sure, we don’t discuss the use of dialogue in writing on “Tuesday Dialogue Days,” although that sounds like a fun way to spend any Tuesday. What we do discuss is Tuesday’s featured guest on Dialogue. Because, as you know, every Tuesday my radio show Dialogue: Between the Lines airs live at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time here: first, here’s a little history of Dialogue: Between the Lines and how it all came to be…


In 2010, after seeing how few marketing platforms existed for fiction authors, Susan Wingate, along with Joshua Graham, decided to create one. Dialogue began as an effort in love and with a sense of paying it forward. If you are an author, agent, or publisher of fiction, Susan would be happy to consider you and your book for a spot on Dialogue.Listen to previous guests on Dialogue by Clicking Here.

Tuesday’s featured guest is author, Matt Hebert. Matt’s latest novel in his Surface Series, which we discuss on today’s show, is called BEYOND THE SURFACE. You can CLICK HERE to listen.


Author Matt Hebert works as an engineer in Omaha, Nebraska. At 30 years old, his efforts in writing now span 25 years, with many of his childhood stories culminating into the Surface Series Trilogy, Matt’s first self-published works. When not writing, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Gaby, and working on their 102-year-old home.


Beyond the Surface is the final installment in the Surface Series and will be released on Valentine’s Day, 2018, just in time for Kansas City’s Planet Comicon. The book will conclude the tale of heroes Sembado and Kaluna as they continue to try and make sense of an ever changing landscape.Their impossible journey began beneath the Pacific Ocean's surface. Their harrowing escapade breaking the surface was just half the battle. Now, Sembado and Kaluna will face their greatest challenge yet as they venture beyond the surface. Who are these strangers who call themselves the Stewards? Are they truly friend or foe? Have Sembado and Kaluna finally escaped the thresholds of evil and found paradise or does tyranny have a new name and face? These questions will be answered in the epic conclusion to the Surface Series.


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