How to Write Award-winning Fiction

How to Write Award-winning FictioneLitBookAwardsAfter THE DEER EFFECT won its 3rd book award this year, I had a moment when I wondered why some of my books do better than others. As I pondered this phenomenon, it came to me that showing up is the best way to write. You must show up in order to sit down and write. But you must also show up fully-loaded in mind and spirit as well, not just physically. If you're not empassioned by what you do, no matter if you're painting houses, playing cards or baking hummus. If you lack passion and drive, you won't be happy with anything you do.TDE-PacBkAward-NoBackground_clipped_rev_1 Showing up in body, mind and spirit informs you and your audience that you will continue to be creative for others. And, for me those others mean my readers as well as other rising star authors. Showing up is a witness to your leadership. Leaders will follow your lead and learn, grow, and become inspired. They, in turn, will motivate others who will learn from them. They will succeed, become empowered and encourage still more others to have faith, hope, to be joyful, chase their dreams, their aspirations, and will strive toward excellence, toward a practice of service which will feed their passion to write.TDE-NGIBA-NoBackground_clipped_rev_1Each day, when I sit down to write, I take in a deep breath, close my eyes momentarily to anchor the scene in my head. I see the characters there. They act on their desires--each having a different desire, a desire that will come in complete discord to other characters and then... we're off and running. With my feet planted under me, my fingers race across each page excited to get to the next upheaval and point of conflict.I love to write. I use to be an accountant and although I made a good living at it, accounting was drudgery for me. I hated the thought of getting up each day and getting ready for work. That was in my yester-life.Now, I awake, fully-charged, ready to create some new world that will hopefully, inspire and involve my readers. The key to writing award-winning fiction for me is this: if I can make someone laugh outloud or cry, I have a winner. If more than 10 people tell me they either laughed through my book or cried because of the story, I will submit that story to book awards. I guess a reader's emotional involvement with your characters is crucial to winning awards.Maybe you have a story people have become emotionally involved while reading your work? If you do, search out book awards and enter your book. I bet you will either get a mention, place as a finalist or even win an award.Be faithful to yourself. Have courage. Tell yourself, "My work is good enough to win awards."And you know what? Your work will win awards.I write books. And some of them win awards.The Deer Effect by Susan Wingate, this week for only $0.99!05072015-TDE-BookCover1-PBRAward-NGIBAwardImage-ClippedAwards