Other Author Wednesday with Chris Everheart

I love young adult fiction. When I read books in this genre, I feel like I'm being transported to my younger days. Does anyone else get that sense? Well, anyway, Chris Everheart is a fabulous author who writes a series in the YA genre. The series called "The Delphi Trilogy." You get a taste of Chris' wonderful action-packed suspenseful writing in the following excerpt.

Here's the promotional blurb

A desperate teen, a dangerous alliance, an ancient foe. The gripping Delphi Trilogy continues with Book II, THE DELPHI DECEPTION, plunging readers deeper into a dark world of conspiracy and danger.After ten years in hiding 17-year-old Zach made the mistake of returning to his wealthy hometown. He slammed head-on into the conspiracy that killed his parents, drove a childhood friend to suicide, and exploits other teens to fulfill an ancient agenda of greed.  Zach should have run. But he stayed, and now the consequences are burying him.His blind pursuit of the town’s deepest secrets has left him injured and terrified. The answers he’s gotten about his true identity are more disturbing than he could have imagined. And his first love, Ashley, is in more danger than ever.Desperate to save Ashley, Zach is deterred by the mysterious man he thought was his ally. Forced to team with Ashley’s ambitious sister who’s willing to help—for a price—he enters an alliance fraught with deception and betrayal.As the League of Delphi’s vicious new security chief closes in on him, Zach is propelled back into the jaws of danger by a cryptic command from beyond this world. Will his misguided mission save Ashley? Or will it get them both killed?

Now for Chris Everheart's compelling book excerpt from...

Everheart-Delphi_Book 2_Book Cover


CHAPTER 1My head is pounding, my right knee aches, and my armpits burn. The rubber pads of the crutches peel away the skin under my arms as I step-swing, step-swing as fast as I can away from the hospital. They don’t know I’ve escaped and the longer it takes them to figure it out, the more time I’ll have to make a plan—a plan that will keep me alive long enough to save Ashley’s mind.Downtown Arcanville is buzzing. I didn’t think about the time. 7:30AM, rush hour. Bodies, cars, trucks, and buses crowd the streets—people going to work, shops opening their doors, kids on their way to school. In the fray, grown-ups glance at my crutches and sweaty forehead. Teenagers notice my blue velour tracksuit like it’s a fashion statement. I look a little out of place. But if they knew my story, they wouldn’t be so casual.The stunt I pulled in the hospital yesterday was crazy. I left the recovery ward, snuck down to the psych ward on these crutches, and tried pulling Ashley out of her bed to safety. No plan, no destination, just somewhere else.It only took the staff ten seconds to find me, drag me out of there, and put Ashley back into a chemical trance with an injection. Then they moved me to a room in another ward where the nurses could keep a closer eye on me. It didn’t work for long. I slipped out this morning during their shift change and ran for my life.I’ve put a mile behind me already. How much farther to go—another mile? Two? God, I don’t know if I can make it. I want to move faster, but my bruised and exhausted body is rebelling, threatening to completely give up and leave me sitting helpless on a street corner. That’s if the police don’t catch up with me first.I don’t think anyone at the hospital figured out who I really am. The plastic band they put on my wrist said I’m Zachary White, the name on my passport, the one I’ve hidden behind like a shield for the past ten years. As soon as I got out the door I tore that thing off and threw in the garbage. The name seems like a joke now that I’m back in Arcanville, now that I’m learning the truth about my family and my past.How can I be so sure that my identity is still a secret? Because if the staff had identified me, the Committee that secretly runs this town would have started their gears of destruction grinding. Black-clad men would have come and finished what Screed, their cold-eyed security director, tried to do two nights ago with the bumper of his speeding car—separate me from Ashley and permanently eliminate me as a threat to their plans.I keep checking behind me for a squad car, a badge in the crowd, the empty eye of a gun aimed between my shoulder blades. The Committee’s black-suited soldiers could storm out of the campus straight ahead and haul me to their dungeon or wherever they take kids who won’t behave themselves. But there’s no attack, no chase. The torture of nothing seems worse.Instead, it’s just an average morning for the fifteen thousand people of Arcanville. They have no idea that just thirty-six hours ago I led Ashley into their Committee’s headquarters—the monolithic library at the center of the ancient college campus.The Committee must be keeping the break-in quiet. If these people had any inkling that I got inside, that I learned about the League of Delphi—their worldwide secret society—the horrors they’ve committed and how they continue to exploit girls like Ashley with their twisted Pythia Program, they wouldn’t let me live. They’ll do anything to keep their secrets. They’ve killed before, and they’ll do it again.

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Or from Chris Everheart's website at: www.chriseverheart.com where you can learn all about the author and his books.

Everheart-Delphi_Book 2_Book CoverTHE DELPHI DECEPTION:BOOK II OF THE DELPHI TRILOGYBy Chris EverheartEXCERPT: CHAPTER 1, 649 words, 2 pagesISBN-13: 978-0-9859125-4-3ISBN-10: 0985912545