10 Years Ago Today: A New Heart for Valentine's Day

"He just got out of surgery." One of my co-workers proclaimed about Bob, the man who would end up as my future husband."What?!" I shouted having heard nothing before now. "What happened?""His heart..." and I'm sure they said more but I left the building and walked over to The Little Store, Bob's business, a small convenience store and gas pump that sat right at the core of our town of 8,000 folks or so.In a town as small as ours, the grapevine normally works a bit better but having heard nothing about Bob's surgery made me upset, sad and worried. At that point, he and I were not even dating. When I walked through the busy glass doors of his store, I spotted Sandy, the manager at the time."Sandy, what happened? I just heard Bob was in surgery? Is he okay?" The words tumbled out at her like a repeater rifle."He's fine. He had a heart-valve replacement. He's actually doing great." She reassured me and then went on, "There's a big card over there," she pointed to the coffee service area of the store, "you can sign it, if you want."The employees had gotten Bob a huge 2-foot by 3-foot piece of red poster paper which they fashioned into a Get Well card. People from all over the island had already written notes of well wishes, scrawled their names on it and basically had filled it up. I felt lucky to find a small open patch of red that I could write.We still have that card. It's rolled up like a sacred scroll and hidden away in a special spot of our home.So, after ten years of being with Bob, nine married that we'll celebrate in May, I just wanted to say a special Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life. He received a new heart and then he gave it away, to me.HHBL, I love you. Thank you for being such a light in my life. You've honored me by making me your wife. Happy Valentine's Day. ~SuZQP.S. Tomorrow (possibly tonight, possibly Wednesday) will be even more special, if that's possible. Our 5th grandchild will make her/his grand appearance. Push Ash! xoxo