I Want Cats in My Blog!

So, I'm doing away with Crossword Puzzle Day. I know. Please don't cry. Look, it had a miserable, lame following because obviously people are not very good at them anymore (egging, goading).Cats, however, seem a much more entertaining subject anyway. For me, especially. Read on.A Cat Poem follows. Do you have one? Want to see it on this blog? Submit and with no special query or guidelines, just get it to me. I'll read it and if I like it, you'll be notified as to what day it will be posted. Extra cool. (Oh. And, no vulgar language or cat erotica please and this is G-rated. Also, Cat Posting only, no dog poetry).Now, here's my kitty poem... For the Proper Cat (Inspired by TS Elliot) by Susan Wingate (lover of everything "cat")Too Cold awfully cold for a decent catWho will climb up a tree and descend on a ratToo cold much too cold for a decent catWhose tail held mid-airWill flick and despairWhen she misses that birdWho escapes into airMuch too cold, too darn cold for a decent cat.Too bold very bold for a proper pussWhose whiskers are white and her mittens chartreuseWho soars from a tree to the top of a houseWhen she yowls, “Over there, look, I’ve spotted a mouse!”She flits like a fairyWith a ghost from the pastEats corn and raspberryToo darn bold way too bold for a proper cat.Call me in, call me in and I’ll give you a smirkYour lungs full and howling       ‘whoa is you’ for the workI’ll hang out with slugsAnd a snail named McGeeI will do as I please and forever you’ll seeProper cats don’t give answersProper cats don’t obligeYou will cater to usAnd this explains why:Our nature refined is regal at leastIts splendor is spoken by kings and by beastWe’re carried we’re coddled we’re fed as the bestWe’ll sleep when we want and we’ll land on your chestFor your home is our castleIts land our domainThis is how we’ve derivedOf our proper-est name.