CROSSWORD PUZZLE DAY! July 14, 2010...I don’t know about you but I love words, their uses and everything word-y. So, on Wednesdays we’ll be having a fun day all about crossword puzzles.If you’re interested in crossword puzzles, please feel free to jump in on the fun. We’ll have  a contest and whoever gets the crossword finished, correctly first will win a chance to say, “I won!”Isn’t that something? Yes, it’s true. Although this blog cannot yet fund a winning purse, we will someday. At least that is my great hope. So, let’s go.Rules: We play the Premier Crossword Puzzles in “hard” mode. Whoever posts first with the correct answers, wins. You will post a comment here that you've completed and then send me your contest answers via email at I will review them for accuracy and will post the winner tomorrow morning before tomorrow's posting.Hint: This puzzle begins with a clue for 1. Across as, Ponzi scheme, e.g.and 1. Down as, Seldom seen.You will find today’s crossword puzzle at the following link: FUN!