Odd Word Day + Assignment - July 13, 2010

Odd Word of the Day + A Fiction Writing Assignment (due on Thursdays)ODD WORD: Every Tuesday, we will be receiving a new word (in alphabetical order I might add) that is rarely used or odd for some reason deemed solely by me. I will take suggestions for the upcoming week. So, this week we start at the very beginning of the alphabet at the A’s and will continue to Z’s and then restart at A’s... I’m sure you get it. If we are in week 1 for instance and you wish to make a suggestion for an odd word in the following week’s posting, please get your suggestions to me no later than Sunday, 12:00 midnight (PST).The goal for Tuesday’s Odd Word Day postings is to expand one’s vocabulary lest one say things like “lest.” Sheesh. So, let’s play. Shall we? We will all have the opportunity to use our odd word in a sentence of our choice. Please kids, play nice. No X-rated stuff. No hate stuff. Absolutely no political stuff. And, anything else that seems crude or tasteless will be deleted. This should be fun not some platform for abusive discussion or argument.Enough said. So, go! Try to use this word in no fewer than 3 sentences!Adoxography - Skilled writing on an unimportant subject. (citing from http://users.tinyonline.co.uk/gswithenbank/unuwords.htm)From ww.Dictionary.com Adoxography is defined as:Fine writing in praise of trivial or base subjects; “Elizabethan schoolboys were taught adoxography, the art of eruditely praising worthless things”; “adoxography is particulary useful to lawyers”There’s even a Twitter page devoted to Adoxography by Kieran Michael Brown at:http://twitter.com/adoxographyWRITING ASSIGNMENT:No fewer than 4 pages of work, any work of your original fiction, turned in. I will review and comment (personally via email to you about your work).I will give you my objective opinion of your work. My opinion will be based on the following concepts of fiction writing:Character development,Conflict establishment,Setting,Theme,Voice,Point of View Narrator,Sentence Structure andWord Choice.I promise never to aim to injure feelings or in anyway dissuade you from writing. I will discuss your writing from a professional standpoint with honesty and integrity toward your writing. I have been a teaching the craft of writing since 2005. I’ve taught at community colleges, libraries, bookstores, for private groups and at writing conferences.