The Deer Effect

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“Author’s masterful detailing and patient pace”

“An artistic touch and tender tapping at emotion”

“I read a second time just to enjoy the depth of it”

“A gem of the book”

“An Alice Sebold feel to the cadence of the book, the magic in descriptions, and the pauses that the author uses so brilliantly”

“Packs so much [emotional] depth in the author’s hands”

“I very much enjoyed this book, and saw it as a movie while reading”

Winner 2015 eLIT BOOK AWARDS for religious fiction

Winner 2015 PACIFIC BOOK REVIEW for Christian Fiction

Finalist 2015 USA BEST BOOKS AWARD for Religious Fiction

Finalist in the 2015 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARD for inspirational Fiction

Once in a while a story comes along that resonates with the very essence of what we call “humanity,” and speaks to readers of every age. THE DEER EFFECT is that story – a phenomenal #1 Amazon bestseller lauded for its artistic touch, its tender tapping at emotion, and its mesmerizing ability to speak to the hearts of readers around the world.

“ONE BRITTLE LEAF FOUND ALONG our usual path proved the days had gone wintry. Papery thin as onion skin–blanched from frosty temperatures and yellowing like the pages of an old Bible, the leaf’s long slender shafts, crooked and dry, painted my world. The blue sky dragged me out that Sunday in December—December 5, 2010, if you must know—when the temperature rose to only forty-two Fahrenheit. What was I thinking?

Hold on. Wait a second. Let me back up just a tad. For your information, I’m dead. Although I speak of myself, make no mistakes. I died this day…”

So the story begins about Hannah Demsey who is found dead near the body of a fawn on the side of the road. Rod, Hannah’s husband, sets out on a journey to find the killer. With his faith waning, all truths change when Rod comes face-to-face with the only person who can tell him how his wife really died.

THE DEER EFFECT is a Christian fantasy, psychological suspense.

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Book Reviews

A Review by Judge #62, 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.

“Beautiful cover image, designed well. It’s a relief that the author chose to depart from the literal image of a deer for this. Creates a more mystical first impression for the reader.
The author handles the plot device of the departed keeping a presence in this world very well, and with a fresh take by pairing her with the deer’s spirit as well. We believe that Bobby can see her, due to the author’s masterful detailing and patient pace in revealing Bobby’s awareness.

Author writes setting extremely well, layering the forest and other settings with sensory detail that allows us to be present in the scenes as well. Author didn’t stop at just the visual, which is a welcome element. We get scents, tastes, textures, and I especially like how the author handled the crispness of outdoor air. We get breezes in movements and action scenes that really add to the realism. Author has put a lot of effort into establishing a fully realized sense of place and presence.

Some beautiful phrases in this story, and some deep insights, such as ‘the typical guilt trips we play on people who we wish would stop yelling and see our worth.’ I read that a second time just to enjoy the depth of it. Author rings true with that concept.

The idea of taking back a kiss also engages the reader’s thoughts. Another gem of the book.

The author has given Bobby the dog a lot of human qualities, personifying him as much as many of the human characters. He is a main player in the story, and author has done well to add layers and expressions to him. Very well done.

There is definitely an Alice Sebold feel to the cadence of the book, the magic in descriptions, and the pauses that the author uses so brilliantly. “Bobby barked…just once…” The author uses these beats of silence beautifully, conveying so much emotion in the reader. A simple, short phrase like this packs so much depth in the author’s hands.
I enjoyed the question of whether or not spirits should have contact with humans, a departure from stories using the ‘present spirit’ plot device. Author takes the proven concept (again, an Alice Sebold reminder) and adds fresh layering to it. I very much enjoyed this book, and saw it as a movie while reading. Well done.”

“THE DEER EFFECT will open your heart, your mind, and your soul.” ~Theresa Matthews

“Beautiful story that was well written. I could not put THE DEER EFFECT down.” ~Pam B.

“Adding THE DEER EFFECT to my list of books to read again.” ~Sherman Sadler

“Susan Wingate draws you in like a magnet. With the way the story line flowed, I had a hard time putting down this book The Deer Effect.” ~Joseph Cacciotti