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Now That STORM SEASON is Complete

What next, now, that STORM SEASON is complete? STORM SEASON is the first story of my new Meg Storm thriller series.

But what a great question since I already have several writing projects underway. Here is my current listing of started (and expected-to-finish) projects.

I know there are more projects Read the rest

Write hard and clear - Heminway - on writing writers

The Ever Elusive “Deadline”


Meeting the ever elusive deadline poses a special set of problems for writers. One of my author friends, Dean Wesley Smith, calls events, which get in the way of making a deadline, “life rolls.” Life rolls can be as innocuous as a surprise visit Read the rest


Exhausted, Writing and Relieved

That’s right. I am Exhausted, Writing, and Relieved

After a grueling winter of personal upheaval and sadness, it feels like my writing might be back on track. Not so much with my blogging but certainly with my novel writing. In late fall, I put a big fat THE END on … Read the rest


My Clone’s First Post is a Political Rant Because That’s How She Rolls

Well, it’s not her first post. She’s taken on the identity of Susi the Activist. Her previous posts hid behind my persona, not hers. Here you go… Susi’s first post to her credit.

Whether you’re a clone or not, you cannot ignore the craziness surrounding politics in the U.S. When … Read the rest


If You’re Not Up-in-Arms Then You Don’t Get What’s Happening


  • Up-in-arms about this administrations latest ploy–denying reliable news agencies into a White House news briefing–then you don’t understand the gravity of what’s happening in our country.
  • Incensed by this administration’s blatant refusal to abide by our 1st Amendment rights, then you do not understand that the
Read the rest