WINNER OF THE 2011 Forward National Literature Award, DROWNING by Susan Wingate will satisfy your reading of the family drama.
With her mother’s death only days away and her marriage falling apart, Euly Winger leaves home and returns to the place she grew up in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent’s divorce.On her search for answers, Euly meets up with an old family friends–some offer help, some disaster. Euly returns home just hours before her mother dies. As they sit alone together, Euly asks her mother for the truth.A suspenseful and inspirational read, DROWNING, a story of love and redemption. Mainstream women’s fiction/family drama category.

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Book Reviews

I read this book in two sittings. Not only did I connect with the protagonist, I thought that she handled herself very well throughout the book, even under the pressure.

Terry Persun

Susan Wingate has written a story that is intricately woven with complex characters who are real with their quirks and imperfections. That is what I loved about this story.

Michelle Bellon