Breaking News!

My BREAKING NEWS page contains anything my readers will want to know about my writing, my personal life, and upcoming appearances and readings.

  1. Just finished! I sent off my latest novel, an upmarket women’s thriller, called STORM SEASON, to the editor. I expect the MS back within three weeks for a final polish then it’s off to my agent. Can I hear a big “Hallelujah!”?
  2. May 1, 2017 – Gave a reading from THE DEER EFFECT and also my memoir, THE DEMENTIA CHRONICLES at The Cheesecake Café in Friday Harbor, WA.
  3. The MS for THE LESSER WITNESS, an end of times thriller, is sitting on the desk under consideration with a well-respected traditional suspense publisher. THE LESSER WITNESS is the first in a series of fiction about Croy Justice–a strong female protagonist who fights for her life after an apocalyptic event ravages Earth.
  4. Currently finalizing THE DEMENTIA CHRONICLES as a memoir about the trials and blessings of being the primary caregiver for my mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, COPD, and schizophrenia. The book is scheduled for completion by August 2017.
  5. My sweet mom died December 19, 2016. I’m still making my way through the mire of trying to live life without her.

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