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Susan Wingate is a #1 Amazon bestseller and an award-winning author of books that span the genres of mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal, inspirational and Christian fiction, fantasy, memoir, and writing resources.

Me and Robert. He was on the downstroke while doing "little hands!"
Susan and Robert

The twists and turns of Susan’s stories and her likable, touching characters are always unique.

People have said her novella WAY OF THE WILD WOOD is reminiscent to C.S. Lewis’, The Chronicles of Narnia. They have also equated Susan’s TROUBLED IN PARADISE to the superhero Spider-Man series which glimmers in hints of Franz Kafka’s, Metamorphosis.

Each of Susan’s stories are filled with unforgettable heroes and vivid worlds in which readers will escape. Susan Wingate’s bestselling, award-winning novels are recommended for teenagers, young adults, and for old adults who are young at heart!

10222016-my-deerSo, what’s with the deer? Yes, well.. We have black-tailed deer on our island where I have lived in our country home for nineteen years as of Halloween 2016. We live on five acres. Seventy-percent of that acreage is wooded. As you might guess, creatures often appear and come out of the woods–creatures like raccoon, fox, eagles, and deer!

I love all of the wildlife here. However, a few years ago… okay, like, the second I moved here… I began feeding every creature that showed up. So, now, we have a small herd of about thirty black-tailed deer. They come morning and evening for their corn, barley, and oats. Some have names, like Einstein, Bee-Bop and Kitty. Some are yearlings and have just “shown up.” And, some, like Kitty, have been coming for twelve years and longer. Some allow me to pet them. One, who I named Einstein, even allowed one blessed smooch on his forehead. Now, that’s heaven on earth for me and a topic I tend to write about–heaven, earth, and deer. What else is there, right?

Radio & Dialogue

Susan is the radio host of Dialogue: Between the Lines. She’s also an inspirational keynote and workshop presenter at writing conferences, at private groups, and now, through her upcoming webinar series.

Public Speaking

Susan offers motivational talks and classes at writing conferences, libraries, and through her online webinars. Her popular workshop, Muscle-up the Gut of Your Story: How to Write the Novel, has given emerging novelists the tools to complete their first drafts quickly and efficiently. Equally, writers enjoy Susan’s workbook of the same name: Muscle-up the Gut of Your Story which is available in print and eBook for your Kindle.

Susan offers writing workshops on craft (fiction and memoir), and about the publishing industry, marketing for authors, and time-management for the working writer. Her workshops have been endorsed by writers who had been struggling in their careers until taking Susan’s classes but, then, who have gone on to get publishing contracts with legacy publishers.

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Susan always knew she wanted to be a writer when she learned her father was a writer. Later, her soon-to-be brother in-law began to write. It was around that time that the writing bug stung Susan and that but has never let up.


My mission is to write evocative, compelling fiction for the reading public and to glorify God in the process. Anything less means failure.

I enjoy taking mega-walks with my husband, Bob. We each have a FitBit. Our Fitbits control our very existence. We love playing golf and someday I would like to learn to fly. I parasailed in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, once upon a time, and realized at that point that being a pilot would be awesome.

Way back in the day, we had a horse. His name was Apache and I fell madly in love with him. But, then, I have always been a lover of all kinds of animals. I have a special connection with cats and deer. Both have grace and a quiet demeanor that draws me to them.

I sing really loud because I think I can sing.

I’m one of those people who removes spiders from the house and then sets them free outside. I save moths from spider webs when they get caught. I’m sure this frustrates spiders–even those I have saved but, what do you do? This is what I call a “conundrum.”

We live on five lush acres in the country. Our property is home to a herd of deer who we feed. We have eight cats, two dogs, and eleven birds–nine ringneck doves and two pigeons. Back in the day, I used to be a wildlife rehabber. All of the birds we have were rehab patients at one time. Now, they’re our friends.

Hmm. What else? I am a homebody. I write on the couch. Some of my greatest story ideas come to me right here on the couch, like THE DEER EFFECT and the Bobby’s Diner series.

I watch copious amounts of Law & Order–all of them–SVU, Criminal Intent, and the original.

That’s me in a nutshell. Nut being the operative word. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my stories.