The Dog Talked… Actually Said an Entire, Complex Sentence.

TREBORHeadShotRobertCroppedEnhanced_thumb.jpgThe dog is small. The dog is white. The dog is fluffy. The dog is peeing. What?

Many grammatamarianmaticians (like myself) consider the preceding sentences “simple” sentences with a subject and a predicate. A subject is the noun part of the sentence: The dog. And, the predicate is the word that defines and describes the action of the sentence. Please: let’s not get into a conversation about the “to be” verb. Just pretend I’m always right. Both of us will be happier doing so.

Anyway, but this dog said, “Thank you for entertaining me today. I have enjoyed meeting all of your friends, however, I was wondering if you might possibly take me to the bathroom?” The ending, of course, doesn’t necessarily require a question-mark (nor does question-mark require a hyphen) but with all the pondering exhibited by the dog, I decided to allow this punctuation. You might also notice the dog’s use of reversal when he said the word however.

What a polite little dog, indeed.

I’m not lying either. I swear. That’s what this small, white, fluffy dog said to me… two nights ago…

…in a dream… where I did accommodate the little fellow by letting him pee. However, as I held his small, white, fluffy body over the toilet by his little forearms, I accidentally dropped him into said toilet. But, noticing my error, I quickly retrieved him out again where he dribbled his little wee into the basin. Amazingly, he never commented about the accidental dunking. He didn’t even look perturbed. No. He only broke from normal doggy-character when he spoke because, throughout all the fun we had earlier that day, he had built quite an urge to urinate, which, of course, precipitated him to speak, get dunked and then relieve himself.

Why? Did you think a dog actually spoke a complex sentence to me in real life?

What have you been chewing on? BlambigGOOey leaves or something?

Well, quit it!

As with most of my strange dreams, I usually want to write about them afterward. You happy about that?

Honestly, though, wouldn’t this one make an interesting children’s book topic? Although, I think I would leave out the dunking part.

For those of you who don’t know, I began writing Bobby’s Diner (book one) because of a dream. The dream sequence is in the book. Do you know which scene I wrote from a dream? Here’s a hint: It’s not the first scene.

If anyone can tell me the correct scene, I will give each correct responder free eBook copies of all three books in the series–whether Kindle or Nook.

Here’s a picture of the three books in the Bobby’s Diner series

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For Nook & Kindle Readers
For Amazon Kindle Goodreads

Here’s a picture of a small, white, fluffy dog


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