Putting the period on “The End”

My most recent writing project is for a series written by a NY Times Bestselling author. I wish I could reveal who but he has threatened me,

“Tell or die. Your choice,” His lip quivered. He raised a machete and snarled. His eyes glistened as though tempting me to tell what I’d been sworn not to. Tempting me so he could act on his own pleasure–the pleasure of placing the cold serrated steel into my… (to be continued)

He kind of scares me.

Anyway, I’m supposed to put a period on The End today but I am having a little trouble doing that.

It’s such a fun story. The characters my co-author has built in previous stories are interesting and thoughtful. They have amazing careers and get into heaps of trouble.

By the end of this first story–the one I’m writing–the trouble keeps brewing. I’m having way too much fun with everyone and don’t want their pain and conflict to stop.

What does that make me? A sadist?


So be it, fictional characters. So be it!



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