Apple Therapy for Dogs–Make Good Poopy!

After Robert’s surgery… let me back up.

For those of you who don’t know, Robert is our sweet little West Highland Terrier–a Westie. He just had surgery on what is commonly thought of as an ACL and meniscus tear. But, actually, the canine equivalent of an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in humans, is called the CCL (cranial cruciate ligament).

So, after Robert’s surgery, the nursing staff and the physical therapist both warned me that the pain medications, the ones he was prescribed post operatively, caused constipation. And, for me to “just be aware.”

My mind whirled in backflips because no dog of mine will ever suffer that feeling of need, cramping and desire yet producing a big fat zero in the poopy department. No Sir-ee!

Apple therapy! I thought and told Bob, the hubby, that I was going to buy pallets full of apples–green, yellow, red, small, big, oval, round–you name it.

“I’ll chop them into his food.”

“Does he like apples.”

“Yes. And, I can cook them into meat with carrots too.” And, thinking… Pallets of carrots too!

But, lo & behold, there’s this gem of a product called HAPPY HIPS (from Dogswell in their Veggie Life line). Basically, Happy Hips are healthy treats for dogs. They contain no antibiotics, no byproducts, no added hormones, they use only cage-free chicken and have added glucosamine and chondroitin.

What they look like are pieces of dried apple wrapped in a dried chicken strip. The apple being the largest part of the treat. They look so yummy that I’ve thought, “Hmm. I’M hungry, what if…” But have resisted the call to eat one! Still, the dogs LOVE them. And so, instead of pallets full of veggies and fruit to purchase (which in a manner of a week would begin settling into compost), I decided to buy the Dogswell line as an alternate source of fiber and nutrients, ones in order to assuage the effects of the dasterdly constipating pain meds.

Now, here’s the rub, I want to tell you how good Robert’s poopy is but I’ll forego all of the stinky details. Suffice to say, Stellar! 

I guess this is what I would categorize as an advertisement however, it’s not intended as that. Although I highly recommend the Dogswell products, this blog posting should settle in your heads as one that educates and informs. Clear?

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